The commercial company "ROMVAG" S.A. Caracal disposes all the necessary capacities for construction of  new freight wagons used for both internal and international RIV traffic, as well as for realization of maintenance services, refurbishment and modernization of above mentioned units.

Thus, beginning with 1973 when the plant started its production, SC ROMVAG SA has manufactured and sold over 70.000 new wagons and about 50.000 were meant for export  (France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, ex-USSR, Iran, Gabon, etc.), so that being considered, for a certain period of time, one of the greatest world wide exporters of freight wagons. At that time the real manufacturing capacity of the premises was about 5.000 new wagons per year.

SC ROMVAG SA was included in the privatization program PSAL I. Consequently, in 2002 the privatization of the premises took place and the factory became a company with mostly private capital.


SC ROMVAG SA permanently makes investments in the personnel qualification and in modernization of technologies and technological workshop equipment. The superior quality of our wagons can be confirmed by the awarded certificates issued by well known in the field of quality organisms like: TUV, BVQI VERITAS, AFER, ISCIR, ISIM.

Our most important customers have been lately: SNTFM CFR MARFA (wagons type Rils, Shimmns, Eacs, Falns, Eanos, Tals, Sgns, Uagps), CORRIDOR (wagons type Eaos), TOUAX (platform wagons type Sgs), AX BENET (wagons type Rils), MAV DUNAVAGON (wagons type Habbillnss), KRONOSPAN (wagons for agglomerate plates and sawdust transportation, type Tirrs), TVT NOVA (components for Habbillnss wagons), HOLCIM (wagons for cement transportation, type Uacs), ROMPETROL LOGISTIC (tank wagons).

By the high quality of manufacturing execution, offered prices and seriousness we have proved in relationships with our business partners, SC ROMVAG SA could be a good and serious partner as far as manufacture, modernization and reparation of freight wagons are concerned.