The wagon Gas type is obtained through transformation and upgrading of type Gags wagon. The wagon is designed for transportation of bulk goods that need protection against bad weather: cereals, fruits, varied equipment, play wood, veneer. The wagon box is a welded metallic construction provided inside with plywood and with fir wooden flooring. Two rolling doors from Al opening to the middle of the wagon are provided on each side of wagon. On the side walls there are eight ventilation shutters.

- Gauge 1.435 mm
- Length over buffers 16.520 mm
- Length of chassis 15.280 mm
- minimum length of floor 15.200 mm
- Minimum width of car 2.650 mm
- Util area 40 m2
- Utile capacity 95 m3
- Wheelbase of car 10.500 mm
- Maxim load on axle 20 t
- Loading capacity 56 t
- Own weight 24 t 3%
- Maxim speed 100 km/h
- Min. radius for curve negotiation
   - on mine line 150 m
   - on shunting line 75 m